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Congo Tour Operators

Highlights of Congo safari tours to be enjoyed by travelers that select to visit Congo for either Gorilla Trekking of the mountain gorillas or Eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi biega national park , with the chance of exploring Lake Kivu when connecting the two parks by boat passing through the idjwi island located on the side of congo by 70Km from Rwanda. Relax on the island that has never been affected by the civil wars that have been seen in Democratic republic of congo, but with no Electricity and enjoy the african traditional way of life.Find update  about Congo Gorilla Safaris, Lake Kivu Boat cruise, Accessibility to idjwi island, Congo Visa to idwji island, where to sleep in congo,getting around in congo.

Why visit Democratic republic of congo

Apart from DR congo being known as the risky country to be visited in Africa, it has many tourists destinations and its the best destination for spotting the Primates of whatever kind and wildlife . This is among the reasons that whoever thinking of adventuring primates then Congo is number one on the list as its known for being the home to the mountain gorillas , Eastern Lowland gorillas, Chimpanzee and other Wildlife  animals. Book a Congo Safari holiday through a recommended Safari company to enjoy an ultimate adventure holiday with the chance of even visiting the second largest island in Africa and the tenth in the world. ” the African’s forgotten island”.

Why must visit Idjwi island.

Idjwi island located  in Lake Kivu is part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and  Rwanda . The island has the original way of life of the Congolese style living in the african traditional society and the best way to adventure this is by joining the volunteering communities like those that provide education, medical care and other humanitarian services in democratic republic of congo. Idjwi island still needs help and donation in the above field.

Which safari company to book with?

In democratic republic of congo as the tourism field is still young and developing , there are many safari companies operating safaris in the region but most of these companies are based in Rwanda, Uganda & international Companies. Booking conditions of tour operators differ from one another but i would advise you to take enough effort to go through the most responsible tour operators listed below.