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Democratic republic of congo is the richest country in Africa interns of biodiversity and forest cover land with the greatest primates and wildlife visit, Idjwi island has been spared from .

But for its indigenous inhabitants, the advance of another culture has proved nearly as devastating. The Bambutis, like Pygmy groups across central Africa, have been pushed out of a native land to which they could assert no legal title — in this case, to make way for an exploding ethnic Bantu population who now make up more than 95 percent of Idjwi’s 280,000 inhabitants.

Congo plants include some of the most diverse and rich environments and largest forest areas, with only the Democratic Republic of the Congo being more diverse.There are about 6,000 plant species in the country.

Major forest species of plants include bromeliads(bromeliaceae), venus fly traps, ferns, orchids, buttress roots, and Kapok trees. Ancient mahogany trees can also be found, some of which date back hundreds of years.